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SQU Portal is a dynamic web resource offering a gateway/window to various SQU services over intranet and internet by integrating with different systems like Library, Student Information System, Human Resource System etc.

Services are available for SQU students, staff, faculty & alumni. Access is available through SQU username and password. The information provided is personalised for each user depending on their administrative role within the institution whether they are faculty, technical or administrative staff or students.

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Survey Survey

SQU Staff Satisfaction Survey 2017

The University is very concerned about the services it provides to its employees. In order to ensure the provision of the best possible services, the University has developed a scheme of monitoring the performance of these services. This should allow the University to have first-hand information about how the services are received, and to address any need for improvement.

This survey is designed with the purpose of providing authoritative feedback for the service the University provides for its employees. Please read every question very carefully and answer it as truthfully as you possibly can so that we obtain the best data for the analysis. Your opinion is very important but rest assured that your answers will be held in the strictest of confidence and will not be used except for the analysis of the data. It is only the overall aggregate of the results that will be published.

This survey is administered by Department of Planning & Statistics at SQU
For inquiries: Ext 1930 ; e-mail: surveys@squ.edu.om