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discover Sapa in Vietnam

This diary is written for people planning to visit Sapa Vietnam. If you find any other interesting spots in Vietnam Sapa, please share as much as possible because there are many tourists want to discover Sapa.

Muong Hoa valley
Having just stopped the motorbike at Sapa ancient rock field and Ta Van Village, a group of indigenous children came to greet us warmly, asking us about our names and addresses, taking us to a big rock with some symbols on its face and letting us take photos. I felt a little bit disappointed because there were only some natural rocks, not like what I thought. After going around discovering, I came back the entrance because there weren’t any particular things to see. And then I didn’t know from where more than 10 children were joining the group, surrounding us and canvassing souvenirs. All of them said a lot and my boyfriend had been going. Even a child whispered to me (but like warning me) that If I didn’t buy for them, they wouldn’t let me leave. I felt a little scared. After a long time trying to get away from them, I had to buy 3 colorful bracelets made from threads but they really matched with my style. Going for long distance, both of us felt less scared and laughed a lot about this. So, the experience to Sapa was preparing a fighting spirit, never be compliant like me.
I came back to the town in the late afternoon with rather a cold atmosphere. This weather made people would like to be closer. After a long day visiting a lot, I started to feel sleepy and went to bed until night. The hotels in Sapa Vietnam are boutique and really friendly and you can book a room online in-advance like I do.
The night here was really fantastic. I wore a coat then went for a walk. The church became twinkling and the café, as well as the bar, also turned crowded. I decided to come in a roasting shop along the road. Sitting there made me feel exciting because I could both eat and see the people wandering. Sometimes I had to hug myself due to the cold winds and smelt the roasted food on the table. The food in this kiosk was so delicious that I had a different thought of Sapa roasted food and would try to eat more tomorrow. The second day ended more successfully than I expected.

My first day
Today I got up early; the town still seemed to be sunk in thick fog so I decided to sleep more. After the breakfast, I rented a motorbike to travel to Ta Phin Village. The deeper we went to the village; the foggier weather was. The first destination in this morning was Ta Phin monastery.
The next destination was Ta Phin Village of Red Dao People. They were really friendly and cute. They took me to visit the village and told me some stories that made me love the people and the life here more. I also visited Ta Phin Cave. On the way coming back, it rained heavily. Poor my boyfriend!
Being backed Sapa Vietnam, we came in a small restaurant near the church, enjoying my favorite food and a little cat apple wine. Then I went to the hotel with light might. Sapa at night became colder. We found a beautiful corner on the second floor of a bar on Cau May Street. This is the first time I drank a glass of cocktail having special meaning with a special person. I was so happy that I couldn’t say in words. The last night in Sapa I felt a little bit regretful because I had good feelings about this place just in few days. I liked the atmosphere here. Although the weather was cold, I always felt warm.

The second day
Today we had to get up early and traveled nearly 40 km of mountainous roads by bus to come back Lao Cai. According to our plan, we visited Da Nang until the afternoon we came back Lao Cai to get the train to Hanoi.

The third night
Perhaps this night was my most memorable night. My trip is really wonderful and it is smart when I decide to apply Vietnam visa on arrival and fly to Vietnam. I have never got such happiness, such moments and such feelings like that before. I closed my eyes, tried to feel and stored all those wonderful things by heart. There were some short moments but having a long-lasting position in our heart. Outside the window, everything was being sunk in the dark and let behind forever.