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What Is Blue Light Laser Separating Machine

What Is Blue Light Laser Separating Machine And How Is It Affecting Phone Repair?

Due to the large number of telephone maintenance requirements, various laser separators will appear in the maintenance market this year. Maybe you are curious about what a laser separator is. Is it easy and simple to use it to repair a broken screen on a mobile phone? Especially for some novices, they need to know more about the related telephone repair machines so that they can choose some practical and useful tools from them. You can get some information about the laser machine below, and we will introduce this information to you.

What is a laser separator?

The laser separator can disassemble the middle frame, back cover, frame and front glass cover of the mobile phone, and engrave patterns or text on the back cover.

The working principle of the laser splitter is to use a laser beam to penetrate the screen glass cover to melt the glue in the middle frame or glass back cover. This will not cause physical damage to the screen. It sounds easy to take apart a damaged smartphone.

That's it. In the current maintenance market, most laser separators have red and white laser beams. White light is a laser beam that can accurately remove glue on the phone screen. The red light is being positioned, which helps the laser beam to be accurately positioned for disassembly operations.

Moreover, before removing the screen, it needs to be focused, that is, the lens focal length adjustment operation. The laser beam forms a uniform focus point in the plane of the positioning mark, so the broken screen can be removed.

This is a hint, when the two laser beams are focused at the midpoint, you can get the best focus.

What is a blue light laser separation machine? How is it different from laser splitters on the maintenance market?

Do you know the blue light? The common wavelength of blue light is 532nm, the spot is small, and the focal length is short. It belongs to the cold working method and plays an irreplaceable role in precision cutting, especially in the industries of glass, ceramics, glass and other raw fields. But its working principle is the same as other laser separators on the maintenance market.

In addition to light, the blue laser splitter is very different from other laser machines. like:

1. So far, most of the laser splitters in the cell phone repair area need to be operated by a computer. However, the blue laser machine does not need to be controlled by a computer, nor does it need to install drivers and software. It has a smart touch screen, you can plug it in to use it directly, and view all the data at a glance. The operation is very simple.

2. The laser machine on the market is an open structure, and the laser beam is exposed when in use. If you are not careful, your hands may be injured. But the blue laser machine is a closed structure, which looks like a small box with windows and doors. When you use the door, the door is closed, and your hand has no chance to touch the laser beam, so it is 100% safe and reliable to use it.

3. The blue light separator adopts high XY axis operation mode, which has more accurate data and more stable operation than other laser machines. Deviation is not easy. The error is much smaller than other laser splitters.

4. The laser head of the blue laser machine is 25W. You will see how powerful it is during laser operation.

5. The net weight of the Blu-ray player is much lighter than other machines on the market.

6. The blue laser machine adopts a leakage protector to prevent leakage of electricity from causing damage to the machine and greatly improve the safety factor. Many other laser splitters on the market do not have this feature.

7. In order to solve the problem of heavy smoke in the laser beam scanning process, the blue light separator is equipped with a smoke exhauster to make the working environment dustless and tasteless.

How does it affect phone repairs?

Anyone familiar with the mobile phone screen repair industry knows that it is difficult to separate the middle frame of a mobile phone. Since the earliest dismantling of Samsung S3, it has been immersed in white oil, heated and separated, and then cooled with a minus 186°C ultra-low temperature freezer. Now it is laser separated.

Everyone tried their best. Separating tools are also diverse. The cheap ones are white oil, and the expensive ones are -186℃ ultra-low temperature freezer and laser separator. So which method is more suitable for you? There is no standard answer, and there is no best way. The only method that works for you.

In order to solve the trouble of separating broken screens, many laser separators appeared on the maintenance market this year. It's powerful features and fast speed to open the phone will make you really surprised.

Especially suitable for the new creative technology of blue laser splitter. The machine adopts a centering positioning structure and a high XY axis operation mode to make the separation of the mobile phone more accurate and stable. It will greatly improve your refurbishment efficiency and efficiency.

In short, it may be time to reconsider the repair and refurbishment of damaged smartphones. In order to gain a foothold in the telephone repair industry, you'd better have a variety of practical and useful repair machines and tools to help you complete the refurbishment work. The blue laser splitter will be your first choice.

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